Discursive events, including lectures, screenings and workshops, run concurrent to Chisenhale Gallery’s commissions programme. Recent events have included conversations between exhibiting artists, writers, curators and theorists, guided exhibition tours, as well as presentations and discussions, which expand on ideas within the artists’ work. 

In addition to our programme of exhibition events, Chisenhale Gallery organises workshops and talks for young people as part of the Stop Play Record programme. Stop Play Record is a three-year initiative (2015-18) for young people aged 16-24, who live in London and are interested in experimental film. A series of events runs throughout the programme, offering young people access to a range of expert-led activities and the opportunity to meet their peers and share ideas.   

Talks and screenings are also presented in conjunction with the Chisenhale Gallery Create Residency, an 18-month artists’ residency produced in collaboration with Create, a creative agency delivering projects in East London, which involve artists and local communities.

Our online archive is a dynamic research resource. Visitors can access audio or video recordings from many of our past events. The archive also contains information about the historic Interim and 21st Century programmes. Running from 2008 until 2015, Interim was a series of event-based projects that took place in between exhibitions, commissioned for Chisenhale’s unique gallery space. Established in 2009, 21st Century was a key strand of Chisenhale Gallery’s events programme, providing a platform for artists, writers and academics to connect with new audiences and develop dialogues around their practices.