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Chisenhale Gallery Presents

Chisenhale Gallery Presents is a series of presentations at secondary schools local to Chisenhale Gallery, delivered by artists who have contributed to our programme, in collaboration with curatorial staff. The events are developed through ongoing conversations with teachers, and utilise the gallery’s unique position as a public resource and innovative forum of contemporary art to engage students in artists’ practices and creative thinking.

Through structured sessions, which include presentations of artists’ work followed by participatory workshops, students have the opportunity to learn directly from artists and curators, offering a close insight into contemporary art and its processes, as well as supporting creative thinking and discussion around students’ ideas. Chisenhale Gallery Presents events establish a link between gallery and classroom, furthering young people’s enrichment, enjoyment and creative agency and welcoming students to visit future exhibitions and participate in events and workshops at Chisenhale.

Recent presentations have been delivered by artists Milou Van der Maaden and Imran Perretta, who produced Pale News, a performance presented in Victoria Park and as part of our 21st Century programme; and Ayo Akingbade and William Glass, filmmakers and participants in our Stop Play Record programme, who produced two new short films now presented on the Channel 4 Random Acts website. Stop Play Record is a three-year initiative for young people aged 16-24 years interested in experimental film.

In 2017 Chisenhale Gallery will deliver a series of events, with current and previous Chisenhale programme artists. We are open to developing new relationships with schools and colleges local to the gallery. To find out more please contact Rachael Baskeyfield, Offsite and Education Assistant at

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