The Engagement Programme at Chisenhale Gallery comprises a broad range of activities and attracts diverse audiences. Public discussion is at the centre of Chisenhale Gallery’s commissioning process, and each project generates debate around contemporary art and culture. The programme creates opportunities to discuss themes that recur throughout the gallery’s commissions, address key questions raised by each artist’s work and explore timely social, political and formal issues. A network of community advocates and partnership organisations are built around each project.  

The Engagement Programme encompasses public talks and events at the gallery and offsite, alongside seminars and discussions with visits from schools, higher education institutions and local community organisations. Chisenhale Gallery also produces contextual material for each exhibition, including interviews with exhibiting artists and reading lists of books, articles and films all expanding on ideas within the artists’ work.   

All of this material contributes to Chisenhale Gallery’s growing online archive, which features print as well as audio and video recordings, providing a significant resource. Please visit the Audio / Video section for a full list of recordings.  

Chisenhale Gallery is committed to enabling greater access to contemporary art by engaging with new audiences, particularly young people. Stop Play Record is a three-year initiative (2015–18) for young people aged 16–24 years, who live in London and are interested in experimental film. Chisenhale Gallery is working with six young artists on the production of new short films. Talks and workshops run throughout the programme, offering young people access to expert-led activities and the opportunity to meet their peers and share ideas.

Chisenhale Gallery continues to be an essential resource for the local education sector. Chisenhale Gallery Presents is a series of presentations delivered by commissioned artists, in collaboration with curatorial staff, at local secondary schools. These events directly connect artists with students, and establish a link between gallery and classroom. Through these focused events we maintain links to our local partner secondary schools developed through A Sense of Place (2008-2011), a socially engaged artist-led programme for secondary schools local to Chisenhale Gallery. A case study on A Sense of Place was published in April 2013 and is available to download here.