Education at Chisenhale Gallery enables greater access to contemporary art by developing new audiences. All projects position the gallery as a local resource where people are provided with opportunities to engage with contemporary art through the agency of artists. A network of community advocates and partnership organisations are built around individual projects.  

The Education programme focuses on three core strands, offering multiple platforms for engagement. A series of talks and events runs concurrent to the Exhibitions programme and includes lectures, screenings and workshops, which expand on ideas within artists’ work. Our young people’s programme builds on the success of Propeller, our youth forum for 14-20 year olds, which ran from 2011 – 2014, and centres on our new programme Stop Play Record.

Stop Play Record is a three year initiative (2015 -18) for young people aged 16 -24, who live in London and are interested in experimental film. As part of the initiative we will work with six young people over three years on the production of six new short films. A series of talks and workshops runs throughout the programme, offering young people access to a range of expert-led activities and the opportunity to meet their peers and share ideas.  

Chisenhale Gallery continues to be an essential resource for the local formal education sector. A series of presentations at local secondary schools on the gallery’s activities, delivered in collaboration with Chisenhale artists, engages directly with young people interested in the arts. Through these focused events, titled Chisenhale Gallery Presents, we maintain links to our local partner secondary schools developed through A Sense of Place (2008-2011), a socially engaged artist-led programme for secondary schools local to Chisenhale Gallery.    

A case study on A Sense of Place was published online in April 2013. Click here for more information and to download.

Chisenhale Gallery is registered as an Arts Award Supporter and offers a range of activities, which can support Arts Award. These include visits to exhibitions, artist-led workshops, and vocational events as part of Stop Play Record, our programme for young people. For more information please contact