Live Art Residency with Marysa Dowling at Wellington Primary School
4 July - 8 July 2011

Marysa Dowling's photographic practice is concerned with human behavior and interaction. It is an exploration and observation of how people function, communicate and relate to each other. Working closely with her subjects she explores the ways in which we represent ourselves. Looking at how we function as both individuals and as part of various social and cultural groups. Projects also concentrate on our sense of place, considering relationships, family and community as an interdependent mass. Central to her practice is the role that photography plays in daily life as a means of expression and representation. Recent projects have centered on ideas around objects, journeys, communication and exchange.

Inspired by Josphine Pryde’s exhibition, 'Embryos and Estate Agents: L'Art de Vivre' and linking to investigations in Dowling’s own practice, the residency with Wellington Primary School explored ideas surrounding time and place in relation to photographic process. The children looked at how they could use photography to record this specific time in their lives, both the physical and emotional. The week consisted of a series of experiments using contemporary and historical time-based photographic techniques and processes; this included working with pinhole cameras, medium format cameras, digital cameras, photocopiers and scanners. The photographic explorations were intended to highlight the cross over between science and art; give space to look at pose, gesture and performance within portrait photography along with context, use of and the sequencing and layering of images.

 About the artist

UK and International exhibitions include Courtauld Institute (2011), Los Angeles County Museum of Art, (2009) The Photographers Gallery (2007) The Whitechapel Gallery (2006) John Kobal Portraiture Award, The National Portrait Gallery (1999)


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